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Leverage technology to refine your student recruitment by  building a seamless and automated user experience

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We elevate your student enrollment, you focus
on what's important 

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Seamless Solutions

We have the Koolaid, all you have to do is enjoy the taste. Feel comfortable knowing your digital ecosystem is being curated weeks in advance with a number or all supporting solutions.

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Paid Ad Campaigns

Creative targeted ad campaigns are the engine of your digital ecosystem. We take your data, optimize, and deliver a clear message to your core audience 

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CRM Development & Strategy

Imagine knowing exactly where your leads are within your enrollment process. Stop guessing and finally have an overview of your entire lead-workflow

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Business Automation

Your employee who works 24 hours a day, never makes a mistake and gets smarter. By leveraging A.I. you save tons of time on completing manual tasks

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Social / Content Management

With over 25 designers, understanding optimal times to schedule content, and a look into your competition's data - let's not forget to mention unlimited revisions

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Targeted Email Marketing 

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Creative Integrations

We build integrations so all your vendors can seamlessly communicate. Slack? Google Sheets? Emails? Calendly? Zoom? Reminders? Those & 1,000+ more vendors and apps

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Sending the right message, at the right time is key to connecting with your audience. Build lead rapport & trust in a creative minimalistic way - we got you covered 

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1 Ad, 45 days, 250+ Leads 

See how this ad strategy for Bloom Academy Charter School in Houston, Texas skyrocketed them into full enrollment 90 days before the start of the school year

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Partners & Certifications

What We Do

Automate workflows to win time back

We obsessively focus on developing your digital ecosystem to increase enrollment conversions by leveraging automation. We challenge the status quo with creative marketing strategies so your team, & your audience always understand their next steps to enrollment. They deserve it. 


Parents have opted into  being contacted to enroll their student

Charter School revenue generated from 2021-2024

$60 Million


The average increase in partner social engagement

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